Food Safety in Pregnancy Masterclass

Food Safety in Pregnancy Masterclass is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about what NOT to eat (and what to eat) when you first find out you're pregnant!

(Or if you're proactive and like being ahead of the curve, you can familiarise yourself in anticipation of pregnancy too!)

 We designed this masterclass as the emails we constantly receive from our newly pregnant clients, goes something like...

"What are the guidelines around food safety in pregnancy?!"

So, we wanted to create an on-demand masterclass and downloadable eGuide so you have accurate, up-to-date, and expert-backed information at your fingertips during this special (but sometimes anxiety-inducing) time!

In this 60-minute masterclass, expert pregnancy dietitian & nutritionist and PhD Candidate, Kaylee Slater covers:

  • Why food safety in pregnancy is important?
  • The key toxins & bacteria to be aware of
  • What foods & drinks they're found in and how to avoid them, or swap them for something pregnancy-friendly
  • Managing leftovers
  • How to navigate food anxiety in pregnancy due to food safety concerns
  • Answering FAQs from frozen berries to soy sauce

PLUS, a downloadable Food Safety in Pregnancy eGuide that you can keep!


$10 AUD from each ticket sold to this event will be donated to PANDA - Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia, a charity dedicated to supporting the mental health of parents & parents-to-be.

Cannot wait to see you inside!

$99 AUD ($10 donated to Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Australia)

Food Safety in Pregnancy Masterclass Terms & Conditions

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