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The Waiting Game

My wildly popular 30-day online program is back as a self-paced course. This program is designed to take you from confused to clarity on all things fertility nutrition in just 30 days.

Plus bonus access to an online community for support, recipe ideas and Q&As with expert fertility dietitian & nutritionist (that's me!)

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Get Pregnant with Endo

My 6-month program designed for women with endometriosis who are trying to conceive will transform your diet helping you reduce endo pain, say bye-bye to the bloat and enhance your fertility! 

Then say hello to Get Pregnant with Endo!

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A revolutionary approach to pre-conception care 

Combining expertise from leaders in the field so you've got medical, nutrition, exercise & psychology inside this  4-week first-of-its-kind online program. Want to find out when it's coming back? Click below.

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Why invest in pre-conception health?

What you and your partner eat in the 3-6 months before conception can not only reduce time to conception and pregnancy complication risks but also programsyour child's future genetics and their long-term health!


The Dietologist 3-step framework to lifestyle changes that stick!


Change isn't always easy but understanding the why behind making diet and lifestyle changes and how it impacts your body and your fertility is where it all begins.

We have done all the reading, scrolling and summarising for you to bring you scientifically backed nutrition strategies that actually work!


Now you've got the knowledge, it is time to feel empowered to take back the reigns and put it into action!

It can be tricky to get momentum but with my practical tips, tricks and recipes and meal plans you'll be nailing it no time!


This is where the transformation happens, following education and empowerment comes enhancement of your diet and lifestyle that makes a true impact on your fertility and chances of conceiving.

Together we continue to enhance by refining and working on building healthy habits for life!

"97% of The Waiting Game participants said they would recommend this program to a friend or colleague trying to conceive"

The Waiting Game Partcipants
April 2020

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